Occupational safety card - Occupational safety course online

We offer safety training in the form of online courses, webinars and trainer-led on-site training.

Uskalla Auttaa Oy´s Occupational safety card

Occupational safety course online

The aim of the occupational safety training is to familiarise and give learner a basic knowledge of accidents at work, safety organisation, induction, occupational hazards and stress at work.

Occupational safety training can be used as part of new employee induction and as an ongoing training for staff on safety issues.

Duration: approx. 4 lessons
Health and safety card: yes, valid for 5 years
Delivery format: online course, at your own pace

  • An online course can be completed at your own pace in several parts, without tying you to a specific time and place.
  • We issue a certificate and a safety card for the completed safety training, which are valid for five (5) years from the date of completion.

Occupational safety training can start immediately after purchase

From the online course, you can get an occupational safety card from Uskalla Auttaa Oy. If you need a TTK´s Occupational Safety Card©, the training should be organised as a webinar or on-site training.

Occupational safety card online forcompanies and associations

  • You can buy an online course from our website for a second person or a larger group at once.
  • Access can be granted at any time and the courses purchased are valid for 2 years.
  • Group management is used to allocate performance rights and monitor staff progress on courses. All course certificates can also be found in one place.
  • No resources are wasted on unnecessary communication, venue reservations, coordination of staff schedules or other traditional practices related to the organisation of a occupational safety course.

TTK's Occupational Safety Card Training
If you need an occupational safety card from the Centre for Occupational Safety and Health, you can easily order a webinar or on-site training through us.ATTK Occupational Safety Card may still be required on some larger sitesat the request of the contractor.

What is the difference between different Occupational Safety Cards?

Anyone can issue first aid cards for first aid training, and electrical safety training can result in an electrical safety card. However, the situation is slightly different for occupational safety training. The Occupational Safety Card is a registered trademark of the Occupational Safety Center, which means that cards cannot be issued for occupational safety training provided by other entities. Therefore, the card issued from our own occupational safety training is the Safety Card, not the Occupational Safety Card.

Occupational safety card?

The authorities do not require an Occupational Safety Card, nor does the legislation recognise these terms. Card requirements are linked to company practices and some large operators may require specific safety training in their workplaces. This is reflected in the fact that subcontractors also have to undergo safety training provided by a predefined party.

If you work specifically in construction or industry, find out carefully whether there are any operators in your work environment who are required to have safety training from a specific party.

Is safety training compulsory?

Occupational safety training is not compulsory. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to provide training and guidance to workers.

The employer must provide the worker with adequate information on the hazards and risks at the workplace and ensure that, taking into account the worker's professional knowledge and experience:

1) the worker is adequately familiarised with the work, the working conditions at the place of work, the working and production methods, the tools to be used and their correct use, and safe working practices, in particular before starting a new job or task or when changing work tasks and before using new tools and working or production methods;

2) the worker is given instruction and guidance to prevent harm and hazards at work and to avoid harm or hazards to safety or health arising from work;

3) the worker is provided with training and guidance in the event of adjustment, cleaning, maintenance and repair work and in the event of malfunctions and abnormal situations; and

4) the training and guidance given to the employee is supplemented as necessary.

Why should your company organise occupational safety training?

With systematic occupational safety training, the employer can provide documented proof that the worker has been given training and that there is no doubt about the content of the training when the matter is investigated. The company often does not have the resources or expertise to provide general safety training, which is why it is often worth outsourcing this part of the training. However, in addition to general safety training, the employee should always be familiarised with the work environment and the level of work required in the specific workplace.