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Effectively utilize time and resources by combining our training sessions. The practical exercises of MULTIPLE courses can be organized on the same day for your entire staff, bringing significant savings to your schedule and personnel resources.
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A personalised training package on your terms

Optimise your training flexibly: complete the theoretical parts in advance at online and combine the practical exercises closely on the same day. This allows you to efficiently complete, for example, the basic first aid course and the first-aid fire extinguishing training in one day, saving time and improving learning.

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Tell us your training needs and how you would like it to be delivered.



We personalise an effective training package to your needs - saving you time and money, while ensuring a high-quality and productive learning experience.



Theory online in advance and practical exercises in one day. This will make your staff's time more efficient and reduce the number of training days. Short training sessions can be completed in full in one day.

Do you still organise first aid, first-aid fire extinguishing and evacuation drills separately?

Revamp your education strategy and move into the modern age with our innovative education solutions. We combine these trainings into one powerful learning experience that will save your resources and deepen the skills of your staff. We offer flexibility in the delivery of theoretical components online, allowing you to concentrate practical exercises into a single, action-packed day.

What trainings do you organise? Let us know your needs and we will build you a more affordable and inspiring solution!

Combine as you like

Here's how we have already personalised training solutions for our customers

Emergency First Aid + First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training

Experience a combination of efficiency and learning: our most popular package combines an Emergency First Aid course and First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training into one intensive day. Online courses allow the theoretical parts to be completed in advance, allowing for practical exercises in just three hours. With our online courses, instead of an emergency first aid course, our broader Basic First Aid course can be completed without the need to add time to the training.

Fire safety training

Modernise your safety training by combining initial fire safety training and statutory emergency plan handling into one effective fire safety training.

Start the day with a safety walk, including a review of the emergency plan, taking into account the specificities of your workplace, and end the day with a fire drill where each participant gets to put out the fire. This half-day training, which our customers call 'fire safety training', is designed to optimise your time and improve your safety skills in a cost-effective way.

First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training + evacuation drill

Enhance your staff training effectiveness and save significantly on costs by combining fire safety training and evacuation drills on the same day. This efficient combination takes only half a day, allowing for the addition of practical exercises in first aid training to the program - all smoothly and effortlessly in one package.

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