Emergency First Aid courses 4-8h

Our emergency first aid courses deliver cost savings, better learning outcomes and less stress about organising training. Avoid old-fashioned dull lecture training with Finland's most comprehensive and highest quality Emergency First Aid course offering.

The Emergency First Aid course can be delivered cost-effectively as a fully online course or as a blended learning course for the best learning outcomes.

If required, we also offer traditional trainer-led emergency first aid courses as on-site training and webinars.

Emergency First Aid online course

Now you have the opportunity to take an Emergency First Aid course at your own pace, wherever you want. Taking an Emergency First Aid course at online is becoming increasingly popular due to cost savings, flexibility and better learning outcomes.

In an online course, you study independently according to your own schedule. It is possible to complete the course in several parts, outside of effective working hours. It is the flexibility that generates the biggest savings, as staff do not have to be sent to training for a whole day at once. In terms of learning outcomes, there are also significant benefits in relation to on-site training, as traditional lecture fatigue is avoided. Learning is validated through a series of mid-term and final exams.

Emergency First Aid course as local and combined training

Our unique combined training combines the best of online and face-to-face training. You study the theory independently according to your own schedule, followed by practical training in the form of simulation training based on the theory you have learned. The training will use the "flipped learning" approach, which is familiar and proven to be effective in the university world, where practical training is carried out after the theoretical learning. Combined training is therefore the best way to achieve the best learning experience and results.

Trainer-led on-site training is a familiar and safe option. An emergency first aid course can be organised entirely as a on-site course, for example when you need a well-defined schedule for learning under the guidance of our top instructors or when independent study is not possible for one reason or another.

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An emergency first aid course is particularly suitable for you if:

  • you have no previous first aid training and learn best by doing and interacting.
  • you need an customized emergency first aid course to your workplace/company
  • you may want the emergency first aid course to be held at a location of your choice, with more than one person trained at a time.

Our Emergency First Aid courses

We offer emergency first aid courses as a combined training, trainer-led on-site training, webinars, and you can also find our Emergency First Aid online course. Our skilled and motivating first aid instructors are experienced emergency care professionals, which is why their expertise and real-life experiences capture the audience's attention and keep them engaged in the learning process. In face-to-face teaching, it is essential that participants can ask questions to the instructor immediately, and we always strive to create as interactive training as possible. Boring lectures are not an option for us; instead, we aim to provide each participant with a unique and practical training experience. 

Our Emergency First Aid courses are designed to meet modern requirements, so that learning progresses quickly but logically and thoroughly.

Companies and communities can order Emergency First Aid training directly from us for their workplace. If ordered separately, the content of the first aid course can be personalised to the company's specific needs (e.g. construction, electrical work, sports, child and elderly care, etc).

Emergency first aid at the workplace

The employer has a duty to provide first aid to workers and others at the workplace. In practice, this means that employees must have instructions on how to act in the event of an accident or illness. In addition, each shift must have people designated by the employer to be responsible for first aid and they must have sufficient training to perform this task. 

Workplaces should always be prepared to provide at least emergency first aid, so that the work community can start providing first aid even before the arrival of the medical staff in the most critical situations. Such situations may include various types of accidents and medical attacks. Fortunately, such situations are rare, but will become more likely over time. When someone in the workplace injures themselves, becomes unconscious or even lifeless, you have to know what to do.

Contents of the Emergency First Aid Course

  • Assistance in the event of an accident or medical emergency
  • First aid for an unconscious person
  • CPR
  • Foreign body in the airways
  • Circulatory disturbance (shock)
  • Stopping the bleeding
  • Electrical accidents
  • Other topics or priorities specific to the group

Personalizing an Emergency First Aid course to your workplace

The structure of the emergency first aid course is designed to equip its participants to deal with the most typical situations where starting first aid in time will improve the patient's recovery and even survival. For years we have been taking into account the specific needs of our clients and personalising our courses to their needs. In this case, a section can be added to the emergency first aid course to cover topics specific to your workplace. Such a tailor-made course is particularly suitable for your workplace if:

  • your staff or clients consists of elderly people or children.
  • you work in a sector where there are typical injuries; construction, professional drivers, electrical work, sports, etc.
  • If there have been repeated occurrences of certain types of injuries in the workplace.

Feel free to reach out to us; we are more than happy to assist you with any first aid-related matters and find a suitable solution just for you! 

You can also ask us directly for a quote for our first aid courses.