First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training

When an emergency strikes, initial firefighting skills can save lives and protect property. We offer comprehensive First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training that equips your employees with the important skills and knowledge for emergencies. All of our instructors have several years of experience in rescue services.

Content of initial fire extinguishing training:

First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training

The initial fire extinguishing training consists of two parts, a theoretical part and a practical part. The total duration of the training is two hours.

Theoretical part, 1h

  • Basics of Initial Fire Extinguishing: recognise the initial stages of a fire and learn the importance of basic firefighting.
  • How to act in case of fire: Learn how to act effectively and safely in case of fire.
  • Use of fire-fighting equipment: learn about the different types of fire-fighting equipment and how to use them correctly.

Practical training, 1h:

  • Use of a hand-held fire extinguisher
  • Use of fire blanket

Who is our First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training for?

Create a safer working environment - Personalised First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training!

Does your company have unique security needs? Is your operating environment different from the norm? Don't worry, we can personalise First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training to your group! Our experienced trainers will design the training content to perfectly match your industry, the conditions of your workplace and any potential accident risks.

Flexible and convenient - First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training to suit your schedule and your needs!

Would you like training in your office, nursing home, kindergarden or factory? We can do it! You can choose your preferred location and time, and we will bring our expertise to you - wherever you are in Finland.

Practical training in a workplace environment

Our courses emphasise practical training. We always organise the practical training outdoors, for example in the parking lot or yard of your workplace, offering plenty of space (about 5 × 10 m) for intensive and realistic exercises.

If you wish, the theoretical part can be done indoors before the practical exercises.

First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training cheaply and efficiently!

With us, you get 2 hours of First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training at a clear and simple price, with no hidden or participant costs. First-Aid Fire Extinguishing training from 690 € + VAT per group.*

The group size for the first-aid fire extinguisher training is 15 people. The price includes all costs related to the training when it is held at the customer's own premises. Any additional costs may consist of arrangements for the training facilities. Additionally, if the fire extinguisher training is held in a remote area, reasonable travel expenses may be charged to the customer.

Any price deviations will always be notified before the order is confirmed.

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