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Basic First Aid course

A Basic First Aid course personalised to your needs. Choose the type of course you prefer or we can identify the first aid course that best suits for your environment.

Reform in the name of first aid training

Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Kela, Traficom, Tukes, the Finnish National Board of Education and other authorities will clarify the terms used in first aid training. In the future, first aid courses will be referred to as Emergency First Aid Course, Basic First Aid Course, First Aid Refresher course and Advanced First Aid Course instead of combinations of letters.The names of Uskalla Auttaa first aid courses have been changed to reflect the new guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Read more about the new guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

First aid training that meets official requirements

A Basic First Aid course personalised to your needs

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Our first aid trainers are experienced professionals in acute and emergency care, who often also work as experts for rescue services around Finland. We provide high quality first aid training all over Finland.

We are the only first aid training provider in Finland that actively recommends competitive tendering for training. Our customer-oriented approach is based on our firm belief that every customer should find the most suitable, high-quality and cost-effective training partner. We always offer clear, transparent pricing with no hidden costs - no card, travel or registration fees.

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Online training/Online course

The Basic First Aid course is now fully accessible at online. Apart from theory only, the only full 16 hour of lessons and independent exercises of a basic first aid course in Finland!

  • Run easily in parts
  • The most flexible and cost-effective way to study

Classroom/face-to-face training

Take part in an experiential Basic First Aid course designed without boring cufflinks! Our trainer-led hands-on training breaks the mould of traditional training, with an active focus on both theory and engaging practical exercises.

  • Two days of inspirational first aid training at your premises
  • The trainers are professionals in the field

Hybrid/Combined training

Check out our flexible combined training programme, which combines the best of both worlds! The theoretical part of the course is delivered at online in a convenient and flexible way according to your own schedule. We then spend 1-8 hours (depending on your needs) learning first aid skills in a hands-on, trainer-led on-site training environment. This personalised approach ensures that you receive the training that best suits your needs - cost-effectively and effortlessly.

  • Does not commit your staff to training for two consecutive days
  • The most popular education and the one with the best learning outcomes


This webinar training at online gives you the opportunity to learn first aid skills directly from your workplace or from home. Our webinars are interactive, providing both expert information and the opportunity to ask questions in real time. The perfect solution for busy professionals who want a joint training session, but face-to-face training is not possible.

  • An ideal solution for organisations looking for personalised training and wanting participants to join remotely from different locations.
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Information on the Basic First Aid course

Our Basic First Aid courses provide participants with standardized qualifications regardless of the chosen training format. In Finland, first aid courses are now more flexible; they must be conducted according to the content defined by the expert group of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM), and they must last at least 16 lesson hours. All our courses are based on reliable medical research and international recommendations, forming the basis for national first aid guidelines.

The decision of Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has freed up the provision of first aid courses, allowing for a diverse range of providers. All of the Uskalla Auttaa Oy´s Basic First Aid courses meet Kela requirements, and to qualify for Kela reimbursement, our instructors are qualified health care professionals.

We differ from others in that our trainings are not just Powerpoint lectures, but are practical and participatory. Our courses have been praised for their engaging and entertaining approach. We believe that learning first aid skills should be enjoyable to ensure the best possible learning experience.

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the official Basic First Aid course duration by Uskalla Auttaa Oy is consistently 16 hours (1 lesson hour equals 45 minutes). This 16-hour duration also applies to our Basic First Aid online course, which is the first and currently the only Basic First Aid course that meets the 16-hour requirement. The content of our Basic First Aid online course is more extensive than in other formats. The content of our Basic First Aid online course is as follows:

  • Helping in first aid situations
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • The challenges of helping
    • Safety factors in helping
    • The chain of helping
    • The specificities of helping in a multi-patient situation
    • Recognizing an emergency situation
    • Psychological support after helping
  • How to act in a medical emergency
    • Foreign body in the airways
    • Unconsciousness
    • Lifelessness
  • CPR
  • AED in CPR
  • Resuscitating a child
  • Special situations in resuscitation
  • CPR exercises
  • First aid in the events of accidents
    • Statistics on accidents
    • Workplace and home safety
    • Wounds and stopping bleeding
    • Shock
    • Musculoskeletal injuries
    • Electrical accidents
    • Burn injuries
    • Chemical injuries
    • Eye injuries
    • Frostbite injuries
    • Heat illnesses
    • Poisonings
    • Traffic accident
    • First aid supplies
  • Medical attacks
    • Shortness of breath
    • Chest pain
    • Arrhythmias
    • Fainting
    • Seizures
    • Cerebrovascular disorders
    • Diabetes
    • Allergies and anaphylaxis

Not all Basic First Aid courses have exactly the same content, but all of them must meet the minimum content requirements for a Basic First Aid course set by the STM. The content of the current first aid courses is based on the old STM course contents, which are not set by any service provider. This required content for Basic First Aid courses is as follows:

  • action in a first aid situation
  • identification of the situation and first aid for an unconscious person
  • CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator
  • first aid for a person who is choking
  • stopping major bleeding in a limb
  • shock
  • first aid for the most common medical emergencies
  • first aid for the most typical wounds and burns
  • first aid for joint injuries and fractures
  • other accidents (electric shock, eye injury, nosebleed, head injury)
  • first aid for poisonings
  • prevention of accidents
  • health promotion
  • psychological first aid

The first aid training required in the workplace is defined in accordance with the accident risk assessment of the workplace. In workplaces where the risk of an accident is obvious or higher, first aid training of at least 16 hours is required, the content of which is as described above.

The validity of the Basic First Aid course is three (3) years from the date of course completion. The validity can be extended once by attending a First Aid Refresher course or Emergency First Aid course, which extends the validity for an additional three (3) years. By following this process, the validity of the Basic First Aid course can be maintained for six (6) years, after which a new completion of the Basic First Aid course is required. During the validity of the First Aid Basic course, you can also progress to the Advanced First Aid course.

In Finland, it is the employer's responsibility to ensure that every workplace has a sufficient number of first-aid trained staff on every shift. The requirement for a basic first aid course or equivalent content is derived from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's guidelines.

The workplace survey carried out by the occupational health nurse shows how many people should have completed the basic first aid course. This is based on a workplace risk assessment.

Generally speaking, in low-risk workplaces it is usually sufficient to have one (1) first-aid trainee per ten (10) people and in larger workplaces one first-aid trainee per 25 people for each shift and site. In low-risk workplaces, a basic first aid course may not be mandatory unless specifically required by the requirements.

Where there is an obvious risk of an accident in the workplace, there should normally be one worker per 10 people on each shift and at each workstation who have completed the basic first aid course.

In the case of a specific hazard, there should normally be at least one worker per 5 persons at each workstation and on each shift who has completed the basic first aid course.

In addition to these general guidelines on workplace first aid preparedness, several professions have defined a basic first aid course as a mandatory qualification requirement as part of their professional practice. In addition, many hobbies and events require the organiser to have sufficient numbers of people trained in basic first aid in order to run the activity.