Order a defibrillator (AED) from us and get the support of our experienced acute and emergency care professionals for its deployment. In resuscitation, every second is precious and our professionals have selected the most user-friendly and cost-effective defibrillators in our range from a wide variety of models.

In our range you will find the following defibrillators*

*A defibrillatoris a medical device. When purchasing a defibrillator, always consult our expert team.

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Use of a defibrillator

The purpose of a defibrillator is to remove the harmful electrical disturbance (arrhythmia) from the heart that prevents the heart from starting up and contracting and expanding in a rational mechanical way.

The defibrillator is switched on by pressing the power button, after which the device will instruct the user. The electrodes of the defibrillator should be positioned so that the heart remains between the electrodes. One of the electrodes should be placed under the right clavicle of a lifeless person and the other about a palm's length from the left armpit down to the midline.

Educational video: ventricular fibrillation and the use of a defibrillator in CPR

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Tips from emergency care professionals:

The defibrillators we choose all follow the above practices. All our defibrillators are low cost, simple and easy to use, semi-automatic, and you will always receive a professional installation service at the time of purchase.

Reanibex 100 defibrillator


The easy-to-carry Reanibex 100 is a user-friendly defibrillator that enables lay people to start effective CPR quickly. It can also be used to resuscitate child without changing electrodes.

The Reanibex 100 defibrillator is also available from us in fully automatic version, but we mainly recommend semi-automatic for layperson use.

Reanibex 100 cardioverter defibrillator
Reanibex 100 / 1490,00€ (+VAT)

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Reanibex 100 cardioverter defibrillator
HeartSine 350 / 1350,00€ (+VAT)

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HeartSine 350 defibrillator


The HeartSine 350 is a semi-automatic defibrillator that is small enough to be easily carried. It allows the layperson to start CPR quickly and efficiently. Child resuscitation is possible with interchangeable PAD-PAK electrodes.

HeartSine defibrillators are also available from us in fully automatic form, but we mainly recommend semi-automatic for layperson use.


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