Children's First Aid and Emergencies 4h

A first aid course for nurseries, schools, clubs, parents and all those who work with children.

The course teaches how to recognise emergencies in children of different ages and how to give first aid in these situations. This course provides information on a variety of childhood illnesses, diseases, injuries, accidents and poisonings.

Children's First Aid and Emergencies online course

Now you have the opportunity to complete the Children's First Aid and Emergencies online course at your own pace, in the location of your choice. First aid training at online is becoming increasingly popular due to cost savings, flexibility and better learning outcomes.

Learning in the online course takes place independently according to individual schedules. The course can be completed in multiple parts during efficient times outside regular working hours. The most significant savings come from the flexibility of the training schedule, as the staff doesn't need to be sent to a full-day training session all at once. Regarding learning outcomes, there is also a significant advantage compared to traditional on-site training since there is no risk of lecture fatigue. Learning is reinforced with various intermediate questions and a final exam.

Children's First Aid and Emergencies combined and trainer-led on-site training

Our unique combined training combines the best of online and face-to-face training. You study the theory independently according to your own schedule, followed by practical training in the form of simulation training based on the theory you have learned. The training will use the "flipped learning" approach, which is familiar and proven to be effective in the university world, where practical training is carried out after the theoretical learning. Combined training is therefore the best way to achieve the best learning experience and results.

Trainer-led on-site training is a familiar and safe option. Children's First Aid and Emergencies course can be organised entirely as trainer-led on-site training, for example when you need a well-defined schedule for learning under the guidance of our top instructors or when independent study is not possible for one reason or another.

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Children's First Aid and Emergencies course is particularly suitable for you if:

  • you are a parent or work with children.
  • you need a first aid course for your workplace, club or company that works with children (e.g. nurseries, schools, sports clubs, scouts).
  • you need a first aid certificate or card to apply for a job where you will be working with children.

About our Children's First Aid and Emergencies course

In traditional first aid courses, the emphasis is primarily on providing first aid in situations involving adults, with limited attention to those scenarios involving children. Therefore, Uskalla Auttaa Oy decided to create a training package called Children's First Aid and Emergencies First Aid Course. This course is suitable for anyone working with children and infants or those interested in child first aid. The course focuses broadly on first aid for children and infants exclusively. The duration of the Children's First Aid and Emergencies course is approximately 4 hours, with each lesson lasting 45 minutes. 

You can book a course directly at the place of your choice for more than one person. For on-demand courses, it is also possible to extend the duration of the course, allowing even more time for practical training if necessary. You can also take the Children's First Aid and Emergencies first aid course as an online course .

Children's First Aid and Emergencies the first aid course has been developed in accordance with current requirements and follows the Finnish Current Care Guidelines. It's important to us that participants not only learn but also enjoy our courses. That's why all our first aid course instructors have worked or currently work in acute care and are healthcare professionals. Our instructors have extensive experience in teaching first aid courses and constantly receive feedback on the quality of the courses and how they are able to inspire and liven up the courses with their real-life experiences.

First aid preparedness in nurseries, schools and children's leisure activities

The employer is obligated to ensure first aid for employees and others present in the workplace. This legal requirement for first aid preparedness practically means that the employer must ensure there is a sufficient number of personnel with first aid training according to the demands of the job. Additionally, the trained individuals' first aid courses should be up to date. In workplaces such as daycare centers, schools, or sports clubs offering activities for children, there is a natural need to take care of first aid for children present at the workplace.

While there are many similarities between first aid for babies and children and that for adults, there are also certain differences. Due to physiological and anatomical distinctions in children, traditional first aid courses may not be directly applicable in environments where work involves interacting with babies and children.

Protect children's environment

Anticipation and prevention themselves serve as the best first aid for a child. We know that a small child is curious and explores their environment by putting everything within reach into their mouth. The motor skills of babies and toddlers are often insufficient in many situations to control their own bodies, making young children more susceptible to accidents and more likely to injure themselves. In large groups, accidents happen, as every adult working with children knows. Not all children are capable of noticing potential dangers in their environment, which is why it's important for adults to be aware of common risk factors and take actions to make the environment safer for children. Our goal is for the Children's First Aid and Emergencies course to help everyone create the safest possible environment for children, whether it's at home, daycare, school, or during activities. Nevertheless, accidents and mishaps can still occur from time to time. A child may have an allergic reaction to a wasp sting at home or daycare. A concussion can occur at school from a collision while playing tag with friends. A wrist fracture can happen during a fall in soccer practice.

The content of Children's First Aid and Emergencies course

A child or baby may not know how to express themselves, even in a moment of need. This is why it is important that you learn to recognise the different types of emergencies and other typical situations where first aid is needed. It is also important for your own peace of mind to learn to recognise situations that seem dramatic but where the child is not in great distress. You will also naturally learn to perform first aid in different situations.

First aid course sections:

  • Recognizing an emergency situation
  • Unconscious child
  • Lifeless child and resuscitation
  • Choking / Foreign body in the airways
  • Most common childhood illnesses, injuries, accidents and poisonings
  • Anatomy and physiology of the baby and child

In addition to the above breakdown, the course has further divided the various situations requiring first aid into three different categories:

  1. Situations requiring emergency care with follow-up at home
  2. Situations requiring first aid, where you should be assessed by a health professional (own ride)
  3. Call 112 immediately and continue first aid until the arrival of the emergency services

A first aid course can always be personalised to your needs

The customized Children´s First Aid and Emergencies can always be personalised to the needs of the target audience. In this case, the course includes standardized sections, but we can delve into specific course sections or emphasize the needs of a particular age group according to the target audience. The course can be customized in the following ways:

  • teaching is specifically focused on children of a certain age; babies, toddlers, older children.
  • teaching is specifically focused on a particular environment: sports clubs, scout clubs, kindergartens, schools, etc.
  • teaching focuses in particular on the needs of trainees: prior learning and other specific needs.

We have already trained thousands of customers, which is why we can personalise our first aid courses to your specific needs. Contact us and we consider the best version of first aid course for your needs.