Advanced first aid course

Our Advanced First Aid courses help you achieve cost savings, better learning outcomes and less stress about organising training. Avoid old-fashioned, boring lecture training with the widest and highest quality range of first aid training in Finland. Complete your Advanced First Aid course cost-effectively as a fully online course or as a blended learning course for the best learning results.

If required, we also offer the traditional trainer-led on-site Advanced First Aid courses in classroom and the webinars.

Advanced First Aid course as an online course

Now you have the opportunity to complete the Advanced First Aid course at your own pace, where you want. Taking the Advanced First Aid course at online is becoming increasingly popular due to cost savings, flexibility and better learning outcomes.

In an online course, you study independently according to your own schedule. It is possible to complete the course in several parts, outside of effective working hours. It is the flexibility that generates the biggest savings, as staff do not have to be sent to training for a whole day at once. In terms of learning outcomes, there are also significant benefits in relation to on-site training, as traditional lecture fatigue is avoided. Learning is validated through a series of mid-term and final exams.

Combined and on-site training

In addition, Advanced First Aid course can be organised in your workplace either as a combined course or, if necessary, as a fully trainer-led course in classroom. The Advanced First Aid course will reinforce the first aid skills learned in the Basic First Aid course.

Our unique combined training combines the best parts of online and face-to-face training. You study the theory independently according to your own schedule, followed by practical training in the form of simulation training based on the theory you have learned. The training will use the "flipped learning" approach, which is familiar and proven to be effective in the university world, where practical training is carried out after the theoretical learning. Combined training is therefore the best way to achieve the best learning experience and results.

Trainer-led on-site training is a familiar and safe option. An Advanced First Aid course can be organised entirely through on-sitel training, for example when a well-defined timetable for learning under the guidance of an instructor is needed or when independent study is not possible for one reason or another.

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Who is a good candidate for the Advanced First Aid Course?

  • For piste patrollers and ski patrol training participants
  • For sled safari and trekking leaders
  • For lifeguards, boaters and maritime workers
  • For forest guides, scouts and farm workers
  • For horse riding enthusiasts and coaches, as well as trekkers
  • For people working with children
  • For first-aid attendants, those involved in volunteer fire brigade activities
  • Employees responsible for first aid at the workplace, floor managers at the work site, safety officers at the workplace
  • For workers in sectors where there is a particular risk of accident
  • For all those interested in first aid who want to deepen their first aid skills

The Advanced First Aid Course offers an in-depth training opportunity for individuals holding a valid Basic First Aid Course certification. This course is designed to expand and deepen participants' knowledge and skills in first aid. During the Advanced First Aid Course, participants review emergency first aid skills acquired in the Basic First Aid Course, and also explore new areas such as pediatric care, hypothermia, heat-related illnesses, advanced trauma patient examination, advanced handling of emergency situations, and health promotion. In workplaces where the risk of accidents is evident or specific work conditions present heightened risks, the Basic First Aid Course alone may not provide sufficient readiness, prompting the need to complement overall competence with the Advanced First Aid Course. Compliance with regulatory requirements, working in exceptional conditions, and meeting the demands of various professional qualifications may require completion of the Advanced First Aid Course.

Over the years, we have organised numerous personalised Advanced First Aid courses in a variety of terrain and working conditions for our clients in different sectors. Feedback and evaluations of our first aid courses have always been excellent, and we have received particular praise for the expertise of our instructors, the hands-on approach, the clarity of the training and the flexibility to deliver the courses at short notice.

Content of the Advanced First Aid course

  • Assistance in first aid situations
  • Recognizing an emergency situation
  • Basic resuscitation; adult, child and baby, critically injured, drowned and pregnant women
  • Using a defibrillator as part of CPR
  • first aid for an unconscious person and action in case of possible spinal injury
  • Massive bleeding and wounds
  • circulatory disturbance (shock)
  • foreign object in the airways
  • The role of the mechanism of injury in the pathogenesis of injury:
    • Examining the injured casualty to provide first aid
    • Chest, abdominal and pelvic injuries and internal bleeding
    • Limb and spinal injuries
  • Head and facial injuries
  • First aid for injuries
    • Fractures
    • Joint and soft tissue injuries
    • Strain and muscle injuries
  • Monitoring and observation of the injured condition
  • Multi-patient and major accident situations
  • Protection, transfer and the transportation of the injured casualty
  • First aid and prevention of cold injuries
  • First aid and prevention of heat-related illnesses
  • Accumulating knowledge of first aid and health
  • Promoting your own health and safety
  • Optional topics according to the needs of the target group

What is the difference between the different types of training in Advanced First Aid course?

All of our Advanced First Aid courses provide the same qualifications to participants, and the choice of training format does not affect the qualifications granted. The purpose of the Advanced First Aid course is to deepen first aid skills and improve readiness to handle demanding first aid situations. Uskalla Auttaa Oy follows the content recommended by the expert group of the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) in all of our Advanced First Aid courses, with a duration of 16 teaching hours. All our training is based on international treatment recommendations and solid medical research evidence, which form the basis for national first aid guidelines. 

All the First Aid courses by Uskalla Auttaa Oy meet the requirements of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health guide to First Aid in the workplace, the courses leading to a qualification in educational institutions, the authorities and KELA. To be eligible for KELA reimbursement, the instructor must currently be a health professional with sufficient training and expertise in first aid training. However, KELA reimbursement is not available for online courses for advanced first aid.

First aid training by Uskalla Auttaa Oy is not based on Powerpoint lectures, but on hands-on practice. All our trainers have solid field experience in acute and emergency care, bringing depth to the training through practical examples. Our courses are often described as inspiring and even fun. First aid training and the learning of important first aid skills should be enjoyable for the best possible learning experience.

Are there any differences in the content of Advanced First Aid courses?

All delivery methods of the Advanced First Aid courses by Uskalla Auttaa Oy; online courses, webinars, face-to-face courses or blended learning courses have the same minimum requirements by Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in terms of content, but for example in face-to-face training the content can be weighted and personalised according to the occupational risks of the target group.

In addition to the above, the online course for the Advanced First Aid course:

  • Specificities of helping a baby and child
  • Most common illnesses and accidents in babies and children
  • Emergencies for babies and children

Validity of the certificate for the Advanced First Aid course

After completing the training, you will immediately receive an official first aid certificate. The certificate for the Advanced First Aid course is valid for three (3) years, as with other first aid courses. The validity of the qualification can be extended for a further three years by completing the Advanced First Aid Course, Basic First Aid course or Emergency First Aid course while the Advanced First Aid course qualification is valid. This update can be done once to extend the qualification.

If you need a valid Basic First Aid and Advanced First Aid qualification, you should alternate between completing these two courses less than every three (3) years, so that you can keep both qualifications valid. However, if the risks identified in the workplace survey are evident, then it is justified to complete the first aid training (Basic First Aid, Advanced First Aid, Emergency First Aid or First Aid Refresher course) at least every 1.5 years.