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Reform in the name of first aid training

Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Kela, Traficom, Tukes, the Finnish National Board of Education and other authorities will clarify the terms used in first aid training. In the future, first aid courses will be referred to as Emergency First Aid Course, Basic First Aid Course, First Aid Refresher course and Advanced First Aid Course instead of combinations of letters.The names of Uskalla Auttaa first aid courses have been changed to reflect the new guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Read more about the new guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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Our first aid trainers are experienced professionals in acute and emergency care, who often also work as experts for rescue services around Finland. We provide high quality first aid training all over Finland.

We are the only first aid training provider in Finland that actively recommends competitive tendering for training. Our customer-oriented approach is based on our firm belief that every customer should find the most suitable, high-quality and cost-effective training partner. We always offer clear, transparent pricing with no hidden costs - no card, travel or registration fees.

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Online course

Our online course offers a flexible learning experience that allows you to study independently at your own pace. Self-paced learning in sections eliminates traditional lecture fatigue and supports more effective learning. Questions and a final exam ensure learning outcomes, providing both a productive and enjoyable learning experience.

  • Run easily in parts
  • The most flexible and cost-effective way to study
  • Easily manage your entire organisation's first aid training directly from our website

Classroom/face-to-face training

Would you like to attend a first aid training designed without boring cufflinks! Our trainer-led on-site training breaks the mould of traditional training, actively focusing on both theory and engaging practical exercises.

  • First aid training personalised to the specific needs of your organisation.
  • The trainers are professionals in the field

Hybrid/Combined training

Our combined training is combining the best of both worlds! The theoretical part will be delivered at online in a convenient and flexible way according to your own schedule. We will then spend 1-8 hours (depending on your needs) learning first aid skills in a hands-on, trainer-led on-site training environment. This personalised approach ensures that you get the training that best suits your needs - cost-effectively and effortlessly.

  • Does not commit your staff to training at the same time, except for the duration of the trainer-led practical training part of the course. 
  • The most popular education and the one with the best learning outcomes


Webinar training gives you the opportunity to learn first aid skills directly from your workplace or from home. Our webinars are interactive, providing both information from experts and the opportunity to ask questions in real time. The perfect solution for busy professionals who want a joint training session, but face-to-face training is not possible.

  • An ideal solution for organisations looking for personalised training and wanting participants to join remotely from different locations.

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First aid online courses

Basic First Aid course

The First Aid Basic Course is suitable for all workplaces due to its comprehensiveness and also serves as a foundation for the First Aid Advanced Course.

Emergency first aid courses

An Emergency First Aid online course is sufficient training for people working in an environment where the risk of an accident is low.

Children's First Aid and Emergencies

The unique and one-of-a-kind Children's First Aid and Emergencies online course is suitable for professionals and parents alike.

Advanced first aid course

The Advanced First Aid Course is an advanced first aid course suitable for workplaces with a specific risk of accidents. The validity of the Basic First Aid Course must be in force before completion.

First Aid Refresher course

With the First Aid Refresher course, you can extend your existing Basic First Aid qualification by one additional three-year period, without having to complete the Basic First Aid course from scratch.

Professional driver first aid online course

Do you need a professional competence of truck and bus drivers certificate for your first aid course? We have an online course for you.

Information on first aid training

All training qualifications are valid for three (3) years from the date of completion.

The validity of the Basic First Aid Course or Advanced First Aid course can be renewed once during the validity of the training. The courses can be renewed with the First Aid Refresher course. If you need the valid Basic First Aid course and Advanced First Aid course qualifications for your work, it is advisable to complete these courses alternately every three years to keep both qualifications valid. 

Various work environments pose different risks and potential accident situations. The occupational health nurse's workplace survey determines the risk classification of the work environment, based on which the requirement for the extent of first aid training and the number of trained individuals is determined. In addition to this, it is the employer's obligation to provide instructions to each employee on how to act in exceptional situations.

Various regulations by authorities, legislations and qualification requirements may require more extensive first aid training than is specified in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Generally, workplaces require one of the following courses:

  • Emergency first aid
  • Basic First Aid course
  • Advanced first aid course

The duration of first aid training affects the breadth of topics covered. Longer training sessions include thorough emergency first aid practice as well as training in various medical emergency situations, principles of first aid for different types of tissue injuries, first aid for various types of poisoning, and situations requiring first aid due to cold and heat.

We always target our training to match the risks and requirements of our clients' work.

All our first aid courses of four hours or more include at least the following sections:

  • Stopping the bleeding
  • First aid for choking
  • First aid of unconsciousness
  • CPR and use of a defibrillator
  • Responding to the event of an accident
  • Shock

You can read more about the content of the first aid trainings under each course.

The purpose of first aid training is to improve and maintain people's readiness to act in unexpected and sudden situations requiring first aid. Regularly organized first aid training increases people's confidence and readiness to respond in emergencies, enhancing overall safety both in the workplace and during leisure time. In these training sessions, participants learn to recognize situations requiring first aid and situations demanding immediate emergency first aid.

Emergency first aid refers to the immediate life-saving first aid measures that give the victim a chance to survive until professional help arrives. A first aid provider who has undergone first aid training is capable of performing many life-saving procedures without the need for tools and providing first aid in situations where there is no immediate danger to life.

Emergency first aid measures include:

  • stopping massive external bleeding
  • securing breathing
  • securing blood circulation

Uskalla Auttaa Oy´s first aid courses meet the requirements of the authorities and are eligible for KELA reimbursement. Please note that online trainings are not eligible for KELA reimbursement. A prerequisite for applying for KELA reimbursement is a workplace survey by an occupational health nurse, which defines the need for training. The amount of compensation to be claimed is determined by all KELA reimbursable services used by the company during the calendar year. If the annual KELA reimbursement ceiling has not been met, the maximum reimbursement can be between 40% and 60% of the costs of first aid training.

According to the definition by Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of the first aid training, the first aid instructor must be a health professional and must have sufficient training in first aid training. The same requirements are laid down in the Occupational Health and Safety Manual, as well as in the KELA requirements for the reimbursement of first aid training.

In first aid training by Uskalla Auttaa Oy, the requirements for trainers are even higher and our trainers have encountered people in acute distress in their work and know how to train others to help. With us, an instructor must have at least 10 years of experience in acute or emergency care, plus at least 5 years of experience training. We require our instructors to have instructor training and simulation instructor qualifications, as well as offer regular refresher training for our trainers.