Basic First Aid course - online course

The official Basic First Aid course, which meets the requirements of the authorities, can be completed at online! Our Basic First Aid course as an online course also includes practical exercises that can be completed independently. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a first aid certificate valid for three (3) years.

Our first aid training has been rated in public reviews as the best in Finland!

Reform in the name of first aid training

Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Kela, Traficom, Tukes, the Finnish National Board of Education and other authorities will clarify the terms used in first aid training. In the future, first aid courses will be referred to as Emergency First Aid Course, Basic First Aid Course, First Aid Refresher course and Advanced First Aid Course instead of combinations of letters.The names of Uskalla Auttaa first aid courses have been changed to reflect the new guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Read more about the new guidance from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Uskalla Auttaa first aid courses:

Basic First Aid course online

Our Basic First Aid online course is the largest and only online basic first aid course on the market, which corresponds to the guidelines of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in terms of both content and actual duration, and includes practical exercises. The course meets regulatory requirements and is suitable for all workplaces.

Duration: approx. 16 hours
First aid certificate: yes, valid for 3 years
Format: online course, self-paced

The basic first aid course can be completed in parts on your own schedule, on your phone, tablet or computer. You can download the certificate immediately after completing the course.

You can start the online course immediately after purchase

Customer satisfaction is top notch

In Google's public reviews, our score is 4.8/5.


Good and necessary training. The leader was good.


A thorough and effective review of first aid.


Thank you for a good EA course. The course was simple to complete and the information was clear and sufficient. It was also good to be able to do it piece by piece....


A very thorough, good and comprehensive course. It required concentration and dedication. Full content for 16 hours - no extra discussions that arise in face-to-face groups. I recommend.


A good, comprehensive and smooth online first aid course. The instructors are professional and have a good attitude.


An interestingly delivered course.


Best first aid training I've attended (and not the only one 😅) 👌🙏


It was a really good course, and easy to do, which I did online. I highly recommend it to everyone.


The course was interesting and the training style was clear.


quality teaching


A competent and knowledgeable trainer.


Online course, Basic First Aid 16 h. Very good and interesting videos in this online course. Trainer-led face-to-training still to come.


Very good, clear presentation. The training gave new, up-to-date information and reviewed practises.

outimaria 29.2.2024

Very good performance


Good, clear training. Good exercises.

SN 26.2.2024

A refreshing take on the Basic First Aid course, thank you!


The course was very well run and the trainers were professional.


Clear, illustrative, professional and engaging videos and materials! In addition, the questionnaires at the end support learning in a fun way.


Good practical training

Kiia Vahla 21.2.2024

Good and clear training


Good training. Nice to have plenty of practical training.


Good clear videos and instructions. Also the tests and the final test were a good review of the lessons.


I did the online version of the course for the first time.I really liked it:)Clear instructional videos and instructions.The service is pro!


very professional trainers. there was a lot of stuff, but it was presented in a way that the layman could understand.


A great education.


Very good trainer, found the training really interesting. I recommend


An interesting day


Very heavy and demanding course. couldn't rewind the videos 😀


The course was varied and nicely divided into parts. I also liked the way it was presented.


A very functional package and a good information package! It was really nice to go through the theory online at my own pace. I especially liked the videos. The way things were explained was nice and relaxed, yet still factual. I got a lot of practical training on the day. The teacher was great there too. I would recommend!

S Juniper 30.1.2024

Very high quality training. I gained new knowledge, even though I have attended similar courses elsewhere before. The instructors and assistants did a great job with the videos, the course was easy and interesting to follow. I got all the information I needed in a nutshell! Many thanks.


A really good and convenient implementation. Works well this way, having done the ea several times.


The online course was easy and straightforward to implement at home. The trainers are clearly professionals in the field. I chose this one because I could not find a suitable weekend course nearby.


The trainer was good and full 10 points.


Inspiring and genuinely informative content. Serious topics, but implemented with a positive approach. Real-life examples and a realistic approach to situations. Comprehensive content. I warmly recommend everyone to participate and update their first aid knowledge. Thank you.


the course went well in bits and pieces as you went through the sections during breaks in your work. So there was no need to be away from effective work.


A clear and varied course. The content was presented in an everyday environment through everyday examples. Professional and pleasant trainers. I recommend!


An interesting and clear package. The four-hour EA training online was really clever, thank you! 🌟


I was at the Emergency First Aid 8h training and everything was clear and the day was relaxed 🙂


It was a useful course, covering all first aid issues with simple and detailed explanations. It was a great course, thank you


The online course material is good and clear, and progression is made easy with a great primer. The learning environment is designed to be interesting and intensive. The video clips serve as a good introduction to the different areas. A positive experience all round. Good and important work you are doing, thank you.

Juha Alenius 12.12.2023

Basic first aid course for businesses and communities

Our online course makes it easier, faster and more cost-effective than ever to train your organisation's staff. Best of all, the learning outcomes are even better compared to traditional training.

We made it easy and simple to organise training. Your organisation's chief administrator can easily allocate performance rights, track progress and first aid certificates are conveniently uploaded in one place.

Look more information about group pricing and other benefits of our online courses for your organisation.


How our online courses serve organisations

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When you want to be sure that you have sufficient first aid training, choose our Basic First Aid course.

Our official Basic First Aid course meets all regulatory requirements and is the most comprehensive first aid training on the market. It has been designed to meet all the different regulatory requirements, ensuring that it also fulfills the first aid training requirements, regardless of the designation or abbreviation used for first aid training. For example, if the requirement is for emergency first aid training, you can always take our Basic First Aid course, as it is a more extensive training and always meets that level of requirement.

Different abbreviations and acronyms for first aid courses have been removed or are being removed entirely from official guidelines and various requirements. Despite changes in occupational safety administration, the use of old designations may still be seen in outdated official guidelines, training requirements, or job postings. However, our basic first aid course is sufficient training in all these situations, regardless of the designation or abbreviation used for first aid training.

Yes, our online courses meet all official requirements and include, among other things, practical training, more extensive content than usual, and are sufficiently long in duration.

The online first aid courses of Uskalla Auttaa Oy differ from the general practice, where online courses may be shortened versions, and therefore may not meet all the requirements of the authorities.

Why are online courses generally shortened versions?

In the field of first aid training, the construction of online courses has often been based on slides and PowerPoint presentations. This makes it relatively inexpensive to build an online course, without the cost of building new content and video production.

The online courses of Uskalla Auttaa Oy are built in the opposite way and exceptionally from the point of view of the student and the requirements of the authorities. We have put significant effort into building the online courses to meet all regulatory requirements and to make them more interesting for the student/course participant.

Our Basic First Aid course is the most comprehensive basic first aid training on the market in terms of content and actual duration. Our online course is structured according to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health guidelines as a 16 lesson course (16 x 45min). Course completion time may vary depending on the pace of the student, but the average planned duration is 16 lessons. See below for the course modules.

Course content

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Welcome to the Basic First Aid course
Anatomy and physiology
How to act in a medical emergency
Helping in first aid situations
First aid in the events of accidents
Medical attacks
Final exam and end of the course

In an online course, you study independently at your own pace. The content is covered in a broader way than in face-to-face training, practical exercises are carried out independently according to the instructions and learning is verified by means of various intermediate questions and a final exam.

The online course will take place on our course platform at You can start the online course immediately after ordering with your personal login credentials. The progression through the online course is logical and simple. The online course is structured in lessons consisting of videos, texts, smaller tests during the course and different exercises according to the level of the course. The online course ends with a final exam.

The right to participate to the online course is valid for two (2) years from the date of subscription. The online course must be completed in full within 180 days of getting started.

After two years, all user data related to the completion of the course will be automatically deleted from the course platform (including the first aid certificate) to allow the course to be completed again.

All users' first aid course completions will be entered into a separate database, as shown below, so that, if necessary, the validity of first aid qualifications can be verified when the user's online course details are deleted:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Completed online course
  • Date of completion

Our first aid certificates are accepted as they are, both for workplaces and public entities. The first aid certificate is valid for three (3) years from the date you completed the course. After completing the online course, you can also download the first aid certificate from the course page. You will never have to wait for the certificate to arrive by mail.

In the official first aid certificates issued by Uskalla Auttaa Oy, the duration of the training, the content of the training, and the responsible person acting as the course instructor are always specified. All our first aid course instructors and responsible individuals for online courses are healthcare professionals who meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health for first aid trainers.

Does your workplace still require a first aid card in addition to a first aid certificate?
We can always provide you with a first aid card for each of our courses. If you request it, we will send it to you by post immediately after the course at no extra cost.