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Luona develops socially effective practices on the frontline of social services. Luona employs around 500 social, health and customer care professionals who help solve challenges in health, social and elderly care.

Luona put the provision of first aid training out to tender during 2022, and Uskalla Auttaa offered the best overall solution. Instead of the previous on-site training, several hundred employees of Luona have already completed the combined first aid courses offered by Uskalla Auttaa Oy. Combined training courses include online modules for theory and trainer-led on-site sessions for practical exercises. Employees of Luona have been satisfied with our combined training and have found it meaningful. 

"Recent feedback shows that the online section has been implemented to a high standard and that the videos of the online course have been particularly well received. Trainer-led on-site training has also been perceived as good and has created a sense of belonging by working together. I believe that we have made cost savings with this training model, but most importantly, our students have enjoyed themselves and the learning has been better." Jaana Viljakainen, Development Manager, Luona Oy


Harvia, the sauna and spa company, is a company that everyone in Finland knows, employing more than 800 people.

Harvia does not compromise on the quality of its products or services and expects the same from its partners. In line with Harvia's values, responsibility is also present in the provision of first aid training as part of improving occupational safety. Harvia does not go according to the minimum, and wants all employees to have the right skills to help others.

Harvia has chosen us to train their staff because of the high quality of our training. We organise several first aid training for Harvia every year. This high quality cooperation will continue in the future.


Founded in 2012, Renevo is a construction contracting company that has grown in a short time to a company of over 100 construction professionals. Renevo is a renovation specialist where quality is guaranteed by people with the skill and will to do things well. Renevo takes care of the first aid skills of its employees through continuous training. When it comes to training, it is important that trainees are able to focus on the content and study according to their own schedules, so the learning is better.

First aid online courses by Uskalla Auttaa Oy have been a great solution for Renevo. The quality of the online courses is excellent and first aid skills are maintained at all times, with the ability to train staff on flexible schedules. Renevo will continue to use the services of Uskalla Auttaa Oy .


Hannu Sipilä, Executive Director of HIFK Gymnastics, considers it essential that all HIFK Gymnastics coaches and instructors know how to administer first aid if necessary.

HIFK Gymnastics trained first aid preparedness in collaboration with Uskalla Auttaa Oy for over 50 coaches and instructors. Training such a large group was made possible through the Sports Emergency First Aid Course, which each participant could complete in parts through online training according to their own schedules.

The primary goal of the Emergency First Aid Course for the sports sector is to ensure that participants learn to identify various emergency situations and initiate correct actions before the arrival of emergency medical services. The course also covers common injuries in the sports sector and their treatment. Competence is assessed through a final exam, after which participants receive a first aid certificate valid for three years.



Since 1923, Kiinteistömedia has been the leading content house in the real estate sector, with well-known products such as the Kiinteistölehti, known throughout the real estate industry. High quality does not mean a high price for an individually ordered first aid course. We conducted a one-off emergency first aid training course for Kiinteistömedia at their premises, with an emphasis on practical exercises.

"We asked a few people for a quote for an ea course. Uskalla Auttaa Oy seemed affordable and suitable for our needs. We were able to find an expert in the field who works in primary care and who gave us a practical and inspiring training. We were very satisfied with the quality of the training."Mirva Brola, Editorial manager of Suomen Kiinteistölehti

Tuorilan VPK

Tuorilan VPK ry is a contracting unit of the Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department, which participates in rescue and first aid activities in the area. Uskalla Auttaa Oy:s instructors have an exceptionally strong background in emergency first aid, which is why we were selected to train them in first aid skills. Tuorila VPK took advantage of our blended training by completing our standard layman's emergency first aid course as an online course, and we also conducted a hands-on training day for them as a local implementation. During the face-to-face training, they practised professional CPR, supporting the patient on a vacuum mattress and examining the patient. The training was particularly praised for its quality and inspiring nature," says Jussi Sintonen, who commissioned the training and is himself a professional firefighter. 

The training of the Tuorila voluntary fire brigade shows how Uskalla Auttaa Oy the quality of the trainers and online courses is also sufficient for professionals in the field. In addition to Tuorila VFB, we also train many other social and health professionals on an ongoing basis.

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In Google's public reviews, our rating is 4.9/5.

Heini Aaltonen

Good and necessary training. The leader was good.

Miimu Nummelin

A thorough and effective review of first aid.

Linda Hellen

Thank you for a good EA course. The course was simple to complete and the information was clear and sufficient. It was also good to be able to do it piece by piece....

Päivi Koskela

A very thorough, good and comprehensive course. It required concentration and dedication. Full content for 16 hours - no extra discussions that arise in face-to-face groups. I recommend.

Marko Haimilahti

A good, comprehensive and smooth online first aid course. The instructors are professional and have a good attitude.

Sari Kosonen

An interestingly delivered course.

Arja Marttila

Best first aid training I've attended (and not the only one 😅) 👌🙏

Pauli Linkoranta

It was a really good course, and easy to do, which I did online. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Nestori Liski

The course was interesting and the training style was clear.

Matias Mustonen

quality teaching

Mirko Salo

The EA1 webinar was good. No need to be stuck on the school bench for 2 days. I recommend.

Kerttu Tammela

A competent and knowledgeable trainer.